South Africa Visa


New Zealanders travelling to South Africa should be aware that from 16 January 2017, all New Zealand passport holders will be required to obtain an entry visa prior to travelling to South Africa.

Applications must be made at one of two South Africa Visa Application Centres located in either Auckland and Wellington.

Click here if you live in Auckland or Wellington

Click here if you live outside of Auckland or Wellington




How do I apply for a Visa?
Information on the application process, including scheduling an interview can be found at the following web address.
When should I apply for the Visa?
You can only apply for a visitor visa within 90 days of your intended travel date into South Africa.  We recommend you email VFS to find out the turn-around time for a visa, as for some guests it has taken up to 30 working days (6 weeks) for their visa to be processed.
What do I need to apply for the Visa?
We recommend you email info.sanz(at) directly and ask them for a list of information required, as this can change at any time.  Information about the application process is also at and
Can my travel consultant help me with my visa application?
Your travel consultant is unable to assist with your visa application. 
I’m travelling with children under the age of 18. Is there anything extra I should be aware of?
Yes, children travelling to South Africa (under age of 18) are required to travel with a copy of their birth certificate and other documents. This is in addition to a valid passport and visa. For more information please refer to this website: 
Where do I apply for the visa? 
We suggest you email VFS for a list of requirements to ensure you have all paperwork correct and certified correctly for when you arrange your appointment.
Applicants must apply in person at one of the two VFS application centres located in Auckland and Wellington. However, it is the South African High Commission will make the decision on your application. The contact information for these organisations is listed below.
How much does the visa cost?
The visa is NZ$ 95 per person, with an additional processing charge of NZ$ 86.50.  This fee is subject to change, so please visit this link:

Ground Level
Suite 2
87-89 Albert St
Auckland 1010

Hours: 08:30 to 15:00 
Phone:  +64 9 888 9369
Regus Reception
Level 31, Plimmer Tower,
2-6 Gilmer Terrace,
Wellington 6011
Hours: 8:30 to 15:00 
Phone Number:  +64 9 888 9369


Travcour Visa Services (also known as Visa Direct) can act as a proxy.  If you wish to use Travcour’s services you can email them via the template on their website or phone them on 0900 58472.



(i) If you are in transit in Johannesburg Airport you may require a SA visa.  Depending on your connecting airline, you may be required to clear immigration/passport control in to connect with your onward flight.  Please check this information with your flight agent.

(ii) SA visa applications cannot be lodged more than 3 months prior to entering South Africa.